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A great way to add exercise into your best friend's daily routine is to take your dog-biking. There are many reasons to consider biking with your dog. One, walking the dog or running with the dog is not always enough exercise to tire out an active breed. It can take several hours of walking to tire a dog out. And let's face it, running is a lot of work for the human!

Biking is a nice option because the dog gets a good workout and the human does not have to work as hard as the dog. Another reason to bike with your dog is because it gives the dog a job. When a dog is biking with its owner, he goes into a focused, working mode. The dog probably won't even pull once he gets used to the bike. When a dog is tired out mentally and physically, he is relaxed and able to focus more on training. A tired dog will also stay out of trouble and will be less anxious, aggressive or hyper.

Anyone interested in taking their dog biking should consider safety first. One tool to keep the dog in place next to the bike is Let's Go Pet Walker - bike leash for dog.

Let's Go Pet Walker  works by securely keeping the dog at the side of the bike. This allows the biker to have both hands on the bike instead of holding the dog's leash or tying the leash to the bike. "Let's Go" pet walker was designed by a bicycle expert.  We truly understand what the bikers need.  This unique design won't let your thigh or leg be influenced while biking.  You don't need to change your riding behavior when you ride a bike with your lovely dog.  Bikers' hands will not be tied up with holding the dog leash.  "Let's Go" pet walker for bicycle is not just only providing you a pleasure time with your dog but also ensure a fully safe environment. 


If your dog is fat, you're not getting enough exercise.  

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  FOUR MILES A DAY!!!, January 24, 2011, by DIANE B.

My young dog has way too much energy to just take a walk, so I started taking him out on my bike while trying to hold the leash at the same time. My hand would be numb from trying to hold on to both my dog and the handlebars. The hands free bicycle dog leash makes it MUCH safer to ride! We go out everyday for a four mile, really fast spin and he LOVES it--me too!

  WORKS GREAT.., January 18, 2011, by NAOMI S.

Works great.. Very easy to attach to bike and my dog enjoys it very much..

  NEAT GADGET, January 14, 2011, by BIANCA

I have a high energy dog and was looking into getting him more exercise. I'm still working on getting the dog trained but the Let's Go Pet Walker works great. He still pulls me forward but the spring on the bar helps that he doesn't knock me down to the side. I have a large dog so the height fits him just right and I don't have any worries that he'll end up in from or in between the wheels.

  LOVE IT!!!, September 29, 2010, by meggz06

I bought the "Lets Go" Bike leash about a month ago and I just love it. My pit-bull Mocha was a bit jumpy at first but now loves it. I take her everyday for a 2.5 mile run. It takes us about 25 minutes and she is pooped for the whole day. But the days I walk her I can walk all the way across town and she's still up for more after the 2 hours walking. I just love it because I love biking and making my dog as happy as I have ever seen her. In a fraction of the time she gets all the exercise she needs, half the time I even let her pull me along. My sister bought a different bike leash and couldn't even figure out how to attach it to her bike. After three days of trying to figure the "other" one out we gave up and she uses mine to run her cattle dog and Doberman. All the dogs took awhile to get used to it but after an hour of walking them with the leash (not attached) we hooked them to the bike and with tons of encouragement they all do great and even do full dead run. The dogs have a huge back yard and even though they play all day long, we can see a huge difference in attitude, behavior/obedience, and overall happiness with all the dogs.

  Lets Go pet walker, October 6, 2009, by E. Julian

I love this Item. I was a little unsure cause all the reviews where for larger dogs. I have a 22 pound border collie mix. I live on the beach and there is a seawall that I use to ride her everyday. I like the way she stays next to the bike. I also like that it can unscrew when I get to the beach so when I chain my bike up I can remove it with ease so it wont get stolen. 

The center of gravity is great also and my dog stays right next to me. The direction where a little funny but it was very easy to figure out without directions. 

The look is nice also. This could be used for a large breed dog or a chi. I am glad I picked this product. And shipping was quick I got it within three days.

  Wonderful and safe, July 6, 2009, by Craig A. Shaffer "Craig"

I take my 3 year old Am Staff running at least 3-4 times a week with this. He loves it and gets good ad tired. The Let's Go is easy to use and fun for both of us.

  The Let's Go walker is a great!, June 16, 2009, by James Kolthoff

This is a great product. It's very easy to install. The leash bar can be unscrewed quickly for riding without your dog. You use one of your own leashes to connect with the leash bar. It will take a few minutes for your dog to get used to riding along side. I suggest practicing turns in an empty parking lot. It works great. If your dog pulls, it is on the center of the bike and doesn't cause a loss of balance. It seems to be a well made product that is well thought out.